Client Love

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“Kelly has transformed my life. I did not realize that a female spiritual coach would have this effect on me. As an Alpha Male, I did not expect this huge shift in peace that I am experiencing. She has introduced me to a feeling of peace, tranquility, and acceptance that I did not expect. This new foundation has given me more clarity and I am even more productive utilizing the new tools and meditations she has taught me. I highly recommend anyone to try her out for taking your consciousness to a higher plane! She rocks!”

~David Ogden, co-founder of Bquate Music



“Since enrolling in Kelly’s coaching program, I have felt better and have been much more connected to my feminine side. I’m very clear on my direction and purpose, and I’m also doing great with trusting and allowing things to unfold!

I am practicing self-care daily and I’ve added in Kundalini yoga, which has been very balancing! My spiritual practice now includes daily meditation, Kundalini yoga most days, and other yoga 4-5 days/week. One limiting belief I overcame is that I needed to tell my body what it needs. If I ask and listen, it tells me!

What I liked best about working with Kelly was that it was great to have someone to be accountable to on a weekly basis. I loved her peaceful, calm, caring manner—this made me feel comfortable and able to open up!

Going forward, I will continue to expand my Kundalini yoga practice, I love it!! Also, it has truly helped me to get more in touch with my body and let go of control.

If you’re unsure about working with Kelly, do it!!! Kelly is insightful, calm, caring, and kind. She is an excellent support and an amazing coach. I highly recommend her!!”

~Dr. Amy Archer


“The main reason I wanted to have Shamanic Reiki was to try to find a deeper way of understanding myself and my purpose. I have tried group therapy and individual therapy but wanted to do more ‘inner work’. Shamanic Reiki was an experiment for me and I was happily surprised by the experience. Before each session, I felt conflicted with which direction to take and burdened by uncertainty. The sessions were valuable to me because I had the chance to reflect on my broader purpose and ask for guidance. By journeying, I was able to find surprising answers to both short-term and long-term concerns.

After each session, I felt that I understood how to move forward in a particular aspect of my life. The answers were often not what I wanted or expected. For example, I asked to be given direction on how to handle a situation with family and was told to ‘let it go’. What I had expected was to have direction on how I could impact this family issue, but was clearly shown that my best path was not to take action in this particular conflict. The changes I’ve experienced include a sense of peace with my decisions. I feel less conflicted about my choices regarding specific elements of my life. I recommend these sessions to others who are trying to understand themselves and their purpose on a deeper level.”



“I was feeling a little stuck and scattered around my business and what I really wanted to put out into the world. I booked a session with Kelly wanting to gain some clarity and unblock myself, I was in one of those states where it was so close yet so far away and just needed some outside perspective. Kelly was amazing, she definitely was able to mirror what was going on and hold space while asking intuitive and insightful questions that led me to owning the answers we uncovered. Massive clarity and simplicity appeared during and in the next day or so. Since then, I have outlined what I am offering, started market research, and incorporated her Kundalini suggestions into my daily yoga routine. The results have been amazing. I plan on working with her further and would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to be coached.”

~Lacy Laubacher


“The divination journey Kelly did for me was so amazing! I got chills listening to Kelly’s journey because it was so on point with everything going on in my life. She has an amazing gift, and I am so grateful that I got to experience this! Thank you again Kelly, you rock!”

~Sara B.


“I was so intrigued by the sound of ‘Shamanic Reiki’, I hadn’t heard of it before. And I am always drawn to the shamanic way of life and healing. Before my session I was having a really hard time, struggling with getting my new business off the ground while my marriage was falling apart. There was no clarity and I didn’t know what to do or which direction to go. I was exhausted, unmotivated and indecisive. It was incredible, during the session I was given clear answers to the two questions I asked. Since having my session with Kelly I have been more focused and changed my attitude and outlook. I am definitely feeling more confident. Life is flowing and amazing business opportunities have crossed my path. I highly recommend Kelly. She managed to create a sacred, safe, healing space for me, even though we were over 10,000 kms a part. The session changed me on so many levels. Her intuition in incorporating a ritual into the end of my session was invaluable. And so special as I was able to share it with my son. I am forever grateful, thank you Kelly.

~Nicole Makhudu
Johannesburg, South Africa


“Thank you so much for your healing session. I really loved being guided and transcended into the earth because it made me feel very safe. You truly have a gift of making journeying and visualizing comfortable. I felt more at peace and so relaxed afterwards. The use of the stone, and using it as a tool to let go of blockages or negativity was powerful, as well as soothing because ultimately the stone is given back to the earth to transmute it into something positive. Keep on doing what you’re doing, it was a beautiful experience!”

~Maggie Burrows


“I am brand new to Kundalini Yoga, although I’ve practiced various styles of yoga for the past 17 years. Kelly opened the door for me to experience the wonderful and mystical world that is Kundalini Yoga. I’ve taken a couple of private classes with Kelly and I can tell already that this practice offers a layered infinity of mind-body-spirit solutions. There is a perfect balance of rigorous asana, deep breath-work and meditative chanting. Kelly gently guided me and skillfully read my comfort level so as to tailor the practice to my experience and fitness level. She also intrigued me with the cosmic language and architecture of this sacred system. After a session with Kelly the effects last for days: a feeling of simultaneous uplifting and grounding, realignment of my back, shoulders and hips, intense strengthening of my core’s integrity. I’m so grateful to Kelly for sharing her passion and purpose in a world that needs more Kundalini Yoga! Thanks Kelly!!! Sat Nam.”

~Hannah Corbett


“I hit a wall recently with some stressful situations that physically manifested with pain in my body and left me stressed and tired during the day. In the past I had Reiki before but was interested in Kelly’s Reiki mixed with aromatherapy and shamanism. Kelly really made me feel welcome and talked to me about what I was going through. The session was extremely healing and she really has a gift for allowing you to tap into your intuition through her guidance. I felt extremely relaxed and was able to focus more clearly throughout the day. Kelly was great at clearing blocks that I felt I had and she took her time speaking to me after the session. I would highly recommend Kelly for any woman who is feeling blocked and needs an energy change with the different services she offers.”

~Shyda Hoque


“My hour with Kelly was the first time I had explored shamanic healing and I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I entered her home I was thrilled with the warm and inviting energy, though. Her treatment room is lovely and the energy work we did was very relaxing. Kelly led me through some visualization or ‘journeying’ exercises and I found it easy to follow her calm and steady voice. There were many delightful surprises throughout the hour including a rosewater and orange blossom spritz and flowers used as tools for healing. I definitely recommend Kelly if you’re interested in energy healing.”

~Brandi B.


“I had my first ever Reiki session with Kelly and it was a relaxing experience. I wanted to try Reiki as a way to get in touch with my inner voice and divine path in life. I felt very comfortable to relax, and as soon as the session started, I drifted in and out of a sleep-like state and had very interesting dreams. Kelly’s hands were so warm and full of loving, healing energy. The rest of my busy day went smoothly and I had a lot of energy. I left like I had all the right words to say when expressing myself throughout the day.”

~Karla Rasmusson